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@caranmegil Abort immediately unless the screaming telegram snoo-snoo the hot couch.

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caranmegil :blobcattea: boosted The generation of random numbers is too important to be left to chance. 😂

@mindbodysoul HIIT and hills done. legs sore. body tired. ready to start the day!

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@mindbodysoul and...getting psyched for a hiit and hills ride by playing hellion + electric eye by judas priest!

whee! liquid level sensor (for a zen fountain) -> arduino - USB -> rpi works. i'm fancy pants.

had to publish an updated version of a react package that i like. it wasn't react 18 compatible and hasn't been updated in a year

Me putting on Overkill by Motörhead: I'm putting on Motörhead.
Son: Motörhead!!!

I learned something about the bad wizard that my son goes on about. Apparently, he goes to Target and poops and pees all over the floor, doesn't bathe or brush his teeth, and he's funky. So a normal Walmart customer

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My son wanted to learn to spell this today because this what the bad wizard drives

My son wanted to learn to spell this today because this what the bad wizard drives

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Do the hokey pokey and turn yourself around 'cause that's what it's not about

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I am heartbroken for Buffalo right now. This was needless. Please, vote

I feel strangely decaffeinated. Probably need more tea

also, time to be on brand. i need to optimize the algorithm in my favor for maximal outreach. with this in mind, i will conquer the superfluous needs of others over my own and obtain cash flows that will endanger the need to acquiesce towards a poorer fate.

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