Going to try and convince the wife to approve the purchase of a small fish for the kids. Kind of a big decision and want her on board

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He's trying to hide his excitement for the official pixelfed mobile app!

If you'd like to participate in our mobile app alpha, make sure you follow this account and boost this post.

We'll be inviting a few people at random (that follow us and boosted this post) to test out the app before anyone else! #pixelfed #pixelfedMobile

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I don't need these at all. Nope. Not at all I have (checks) 3 assembled ones now that I will be deprecating.
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Am I defeated? No way. I have faith in the next generation and potentially not as younger ones.

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Habanero chilli plant is growing tall and strong. Hopefully the fruits are awesome

@mindbodysoul wowzers. 30 minute 5a ride done. i think, i need a nap!

okay. semester grades were released the other day for the university. looked at current cumulative gpa. near 4. i wonder, can i graduate if these are maintained through the end of next year?

I love it when others join in a hobby of mine and I consider a hobby. Many people have joined in it and I am loving it!

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If anyone's wondering why there are so many artists and astronomers in the recommendations recently, it's because a large number of astronomers and artists signed up recently.

I can only reflect what is on here.

I am not choosing specific types of accounts and leaving out other types.

The FediFollows directory has lots of categories: mastodon.online/@FediFollows/1

If I'm missing certain categories, please let me know about accounts that are dedicated to those topics.

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A shadowy figure eats the French toxic waste dump.

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tihi i started stux out as an account for random posting, mostly GIF's that are just awesome but it's not really mine anymore though. Not since the instance took off I guess🤔

Always kept a sort of philosophy; Since @stux has many followers I should use it for sharing other people's post mostly! A nice way for them to get in the "spotlight"! 🔦 :ablobcathappypaws:

40k peoples...what do you use to organize online tournaments? does it support matchmaking and some sort of structured army format?

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Hm, also gotta renew pixey.org soon! :pixelfed: one year already wow

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